For parents, there is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child, particularly a young child. In this context, most parents will do virtually anything to protect their children and make their lives better.

When COVID emerged, state and federal authoritarians continuously delivered their key COVID talking points: social distance, wash your hands, and most importantly, wear a mask. One family of four took this even further. When the father came home from work, he disinfected his shoes, immediately put his clothes in the wash, and quickly took a shower. In other words, this family thought they were doing everything they possibly could to protect against getting infected. Unfortunately, this was not the case and the 12-year old daughter died from COVID-19 (1).

At this point, very few would likely argue that mask-wearing has NOT become a media focus…you don’t just need to social distance; you need to social distance and wear a mask. In fact, we are also repeatedly told that if you do not wear a mask, you do not care about others, and worse, you may infect someone and cause them to die. Such emotional messaging of the authoritarian COVID talking points rapidly penetrated the minds of the public and led to related behavioral changes, the most obvious being universal mask-wearing and the associated belief that masks are the key to dealing with COVID.

With the above in mind, on March 10, 2020, I posted a video on my DeFlame Nutrition YouTube channel entitled “How obesity increases coronavirus severity.” On April 8, 2020, I posted another video, which explained how weight gain during lockdown will make people fatter and cause a second wave of coronavirus infections that will be worse than the first. At about this time, news outlets began to publish articles about the obesity issue. Unfortunately, the obesity issue never made it into the authoritarian COVID talking points, which represents a brutal failure on the part of the government and its media outlets. People should have been told to LOSE WEIGHT while staying at home. In fact, the real message should have been more thorough, as in what you see in the following image.

As stated above, the parents who lost their 12-year old child truly thought they were doing everything they could to avoid being infected. In fact, they did do everything that was repeatedly and continuously recommended by the authoritarians. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, our untrustworthy authorities failed to deliver the most important message to American families, and that is to make their bodies healthy and resilient to viral infections as outlined in the above image.

Our untrustworthy authoritarians never explained that obese people are more easily infected, stay infected longer, create more viral mutations with increased virulence, shed more viruses, and release more viruses into the environment (2). The same authoritarians NEVER clearly and consistently broadcasted that you need to lose weight and normalize your blood glucose markers to reduce your chances of dying if infected by the coronavirus and/or the seasonal flu virus.

With this in mind, we should not be surprised that none of the news outlets that reported on the tragic death of the 12-year old girl made an issue about obesity. Instead, the focus was their favorite authoritarian COVID talking point, that being mask-wearing.


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